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Ninja Packages
Ninja Dude Parties offers two different packages, see below for the detailed breakdown of what is included.  You decide which package will best suit your party and we will take care of the rest.  Each package is for up to 10 kids, there is an additional charge per child if you exceed the maximum allowed.  The party lasts for up to two hours and we instruct the kids on how to tackle the Obstacle Course.  At the start of the party each child receives a Ninja Head Band to allow them to begin their Ninja Training!!  Depending on the size of the party will determine how many Ninja Helpers I bring along.   There is a fee for travel if your location is out of our 20 mile radius.  If you have any questions regarding the packages or what is offered, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Ninja Apprentice Package

  • Ninja Obstacle Course (Amount of Obstacles depends on location and space).

  • Ninja Training - Rolls, Punches, Kicks and Strength Training.

  • Each Child receives a Ninja Headband to show they are a true warrior!

  • Cost: $500 (Maximum of 10 Kids)
  • $5 Additional Charge per Child over maximum amount.

Ninja Master Package

  • The Ninja Master Package Includes everything from the Ninja Apprentice Package.

  • Each child learns how to break a bamboo board.

  • Each Child receives a Foam Ninja Weapon to take home and practice with!

  • Cost: $575 (Maximum of 10 Kids)
  • $10 Additional Charge per Child over maximum amount.

Package Add- ons

  • Bamboo Board Breaking - $5 / Board (Included in the Ninja Master Package) Each child will get a chance to break a board, there are different thicknesses depending on childs ability and age.

  • Foam Ninja Weapon - $5 / Each (Included in the Ninja Master Package) Weapons are safe and have foam or rubber protection.

  • Professional Photos - $50 Professional photographer will follow your child around and capture those action photos and do a family photo at the end!

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