"Helping Kids Keep That Inner Child Alive And Smiling!!"
About Ninja Dude Parties
This Company was created because we all have a kid inside of us, so lets learn from a kid how exciting life really can be!
Have you noticed kids have so much emotion and energy, especially during a celebration of sorts?  Well I knew there had to be a way to let those kids release that energy in a safe and fun environment.  It started back in 2011 when I began teaching a Korean style of Karate in North County San Diego.  During my classes I would incorporate Obstacle Courses into the training to help the students work on their balance and agility skills.  I noticed the kids after a few attempts were starting to get excited about how they were able to overcome those very obstacles that just held them back a few trys ago.  Parents would see the enthusiasm in the kids as they attempted these courses and started asking if we did birthday parties at the studio.  Unfortunately we did not offer that where I taught, I knew there were a handful of places that did though.  So one day I decided to take on a  birthday party for one of the students.  Her parents asked me if I would be willing to come to their house and set up a course and run the kids through some Ninja Style training.  It was such a success that I decided it was time to start a traveling kids obstacle course for those who wanted Ninja like training without having to go to a karate studio of sorts.  I have been a huge fan of American Ninja Warrior since they started back in Japan!  So with my construction background I went to the drawing board and  came up with a few obstacles to build and test out.   I invited students of mine and their friends to test the obstacles and tell me what they thought.  They loved challenging themselves on them and cheering each other on as they attempted each one.  I knew this was something that was going to be a huge hit.   And what better way to let kids challenge themselves and overcome obstacles that are put in front of them.  The next thing I knew Ninja Dude Parties was born!  Once this vision came to life it was amazing to see these kids attempt the obstacles with a smile of determination on their face, it honestly makes what I do all worth it!  Sometimes it can be so hard to figure out what to do for your childs birthday or celebration, which is why giving them a Ninja Party makes it so easy. 

Brandon Siebert

I started out as an Engineer, but just didn't have the passion for it that I had always dreamed of.  When I realized that working with kids was so rewarding and put a smile on my face, I knew this was what I had to be doing!  At Ninja Dude Parties we allow the kids to be active and have a great time with their friends in a safe and exciting atmosphere.  When you follow your passion it should never feel like a job, to me everyday is FUN!!

Owner / Operator

A Few of The Obstacles
  1. Snake Balance Beam
    Snake Balance Beam
    Test your balance as you cross the Zig Zag Snake Balance Beam, don't fall off or you might be lost forever!
  2. Over - Under Hops
    Over - Under Hops
    Jump over the raised bar and land safely, then attempt to crawl under the next one without hitting your head!
  3. Noodle Gauntlet
    Noodle Gauntlet
    Move like a snake through the gauntlet of Noodles as fast as you can!
  4. Lizard Crawl Alley
    Lizard Crawl Alley
    Lay on your tummy and move like a lizard under the cargo net!
  5. Slanted Wall
    Slanted Wall
    Get your speed to reach the top of the Slanted Wall and pull yourself up and over the edge and climb down the backside!
  6. 4' Leap Wall
    4' Leap Wall
    One of the harder obstacles on the course, get to the top of the wall and swing yourself over to safety on the other side!
  7. Concealed Tunnel
    Concealed Tunnel
    Crawl through the tunnel as fast as you can but don't get spotted by the enemy!
  8. Bounce Hop Lane
    Bounce Hop Lane
    Hop from ball to ball, springing through the air like a bunny rabbit!
  9. Window Escape
    Window Escape
    Escape through one of the windows trying not to get stuck!